A Case of the Mondays

Do you ever have a day that feels extra Monday-ish when it isn’t actually Monday? Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling today. Aaron is out of town this week, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, and ups and downs of Fayetteville weather is about to drive me insane. Like any normal girl would do, I turned to some mindless Pinterest browsing, hoping this would cure Tuesday’s case of the Mondays. Almost instantly, I stumbled upon this graphic of my favorite CS Lewis quote:

source: Baylee Hart

It got me to thinking, as a Christian, shouldn’t my everyday feel like a Monday? If I’m truly seeking the Lord daily and finding my satisfaction only in Him, I won’t ever be able to find my satisfaction in the weather, my health, or my relationship with Aaron. While all of these things are undeserved blessings from the Lord, my desires should always reach past the things of this earth, towards the glory of eternity. I could probably work on my case of the grumpies a little bit (okay, a lot), but maybe living with a case of the Mondays is just what I need to keep eternity on my mind.

Happy Tuesday!


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