Abbey | Jacksonville Senior Photographer

Whenever I get to travel back home to Jacksonville, I try to shoot as many sessions as I can. During this particular trip, I shot 4 senior sessions in 3 days… Maybe it was a little bit of overkill, but I couldn’t imagine saying no to any of the awesome girls that wanted to book me for a session.

I was especially excited to shoot Abbey’s session because she is that kind of beautiful that doesn’t even realize how beautiful she is. Also, I just love her. I grew up with her older brothers as some of my best, crazy friends and literally can’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t know Abbey. She has such a kind heart that seeks to glorify Jesus, and I love her sense of humor and sarcasm. Here are some of my favorites from her session… Can I shoot in Florida everyday, please? 

Abbey Rutt-4Abbey Rutt-10Abbey Rutt-11Abbey Rutt-13Abbey Rutt-15Abbey Rutt-25Abbey Rutt-31Abbey Rutt-42Abbey Rutt-44Abbey Rutt-54Abbey Rutt-56Abbey Rutt-58

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