Baby Crawford | 20 Week Update

How far along: 20 weeks (Almost 21!)

Total weight gain: 7lbs, according to my scale, but I’ll know for sure at the doctor on Thursday.

Baby’s size: This week, baby is the size of a banana! (About 6.5 inches long and 10.5 ounces!)

Maternity clothes: Just pants. I’ve been wearing maternity shirts every now and then but mainly just because they’re cute. Ha. :)

Stretch marks: No

Sleep: I haven’t had any crazy insomnia yet, and I pray I can keep sleeping like normal all the way through week 40! (A girl can dream.)

Best moment of this week: This was almost two weeks ago now, but we found out that Baby Crawford ISN’T a girl but is actually a BOY! We could not be more excited because we were so convinced that it was a boy before our initial ultrasound (read about that here). I cannot wait to have a flannel-wearing, rough-housing, Batman-loving (Aaron will make sure of it), little boy running around the house. :)

Miss anything: The days that I didn’t have constant heartburn. Thank God for Zantac!

Movement: ALL. THE. TIME. I felt a really small kick for the first time a week and a half ago, and now he never seems to stop moving. I love that Aaron can feel him kick too. :)

Food cravings: Cookie Cake (with extra icing) from Great American Cookie. If you would like to deliver one to me, just shoot me an email, and I will GLADLY provide our address.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just the heartburn.

Gender: Boy… See above.

Labor signs: None

Belly button in or out: In, but it looks so weird. (Sorry if that’s TMI.)

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Still pretty happy.

Looking forward to: Our anatomy appointment on Thursday! Our last ultrasound showed indisputable evidence that this baby is a boy, but I’m just excited to see him again… Praying for a healthy report from the ultrasound tech!

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