Baby Crawford | 34 Week Update

How far along: 34!

Total weight gain: I think it’s about 22lbs, which obviously makes me want to crawl into a hole and die. I know, I know… It could be much worse, but all I can think about is how terrible it’s going to be losing the weight. To all of you who have assured me that it will come off easy, thank you for the encouragement, but everyone’s body is different. When I realized that I needed to lose weight at the end of grad school, I had to work SO hard for it. I tracked every calorie (rarely went over 1200 a day), took 4 spin and 3 pilates classes a week, and did additional cardio almost everyday. Over about 5 months time, I was able to lose about 30lbs, which was awesome. I just know I won’t have that kind of time to dedicate to working out once Archer makes his appearance, so I really hope that breastfeeding is as great at burning calories as everyone claims! For the sake of complete transparency, I feel like I should admit that I don’t care enough about my weight to stop eating from this plate of chocolate chip cookies right now.

photo 1

This comparison is for all you people who have said I’m not getting bigger. Haha!
Left: 32 weeks, Right: 33 weeks and 2 days. Yeah. The kid is growing.

Baby’s size: This week, baby is the size of a cantaloupe! (Almost 5lbs and about 18 inches long)

Maternity clothes: Yep. Almost always. Aaron’s shirts are fitting really nicely these days too.

Stretch marks: None yet, but I have a feeling that they’re going to sneak attack me in the last weeks.

Sleep: I’m sleeping well, actually! Still having to get up to use the bathroom way too often, but the Benadryl helps me fall back asleep quickly.

Best moment of this week: Is it bad the my first thought when reading this prompt was “NOTHING!!!!”?? January and February are my least favorite months of the year, by far. They always seem to last foreverrrr because of how cold and dreary they tend to be, and this is especially true when feeling so large and in charge. This week has been full of nasty winter weather… Snow, sleet, freezing rain, crazy wind, etc. So if I’m being honest, I haven’t had any great moments this week. Debbie Downer over here.


This is us attempting to look happy in the snow. We’re great actors.

Miss anything: My old clothes. It’s shallow, but I’m getting so tired of wearing the same things over and over because it’s all I have that fits.

Movement: He’s still moving constantly, which I love, but MAN! It is starting to hurt. I can tell he’s gotten a lot longer and chunkier in the last couple of weeks because his movements aren’t quick little kicks anymore. He’s basically stuck making slow stretches that either jam into my ribs or my lady parts (just saying it like it is!). I thought that having him sit so low was uncomfortable, but after a few experiences where he’s pushed up into my lungs, I’m thankful I’m not carrying high! That is the worst.

Food cravings: Smoothies. I’ve wanted a lot of smoothies, but I haven’t actually indulged in my craving. Maybe a good idea considering that it’s flippin’ igloo outside. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: I’ve had heartburn a few times this week but haven’t figured out what’s triggering it. It’s not my favorite but could be worse.

Labor signs: What labor signs haven’t I had? Ha! But seriously. The last 5 days have been a little interesting… Lots of cramping, back pain, Braxton Hicks contractions, and painful (regular?) contractions. I went to the doctor on Monday morning but had to see someone else in the practice because mine has the flu… Go figure. He didn’t do anything but measure my belly (almost 34 cm) and baby’s heart rate (142 bpm) and assure me that everything I was experiencing was normal. It was a little strange to hear that because my regular doctor has instructed me to go to the ER if I have more than 3 BH contractions in an hour. The inconsistency in the practice is a little confusing, but I’m glad they weren’t concerned about anything. I go back on the 17th to be “checked” for the first time, and I’m eager to see if I’m at all dilated or effaced. I know that I don’t really know anything, but I’ve had this feeling that I’m not going to make it to 40 weeks for a while now. Wishful thinking? Ha! Watch the doctor tell me that my body is showing ZERO signs of progress at my next appointment.

Belly button in or out: Out most of the time.

Wedding rings on or off: Still on!

Happy or moody most of the time: Probably a little on the moody side. Sorry babe! Again, I blame it on the gloomy weather and not having anything to do.

Looking forward to: My parents and brothers are visiting us this weekend! Yes, when I’m 8 months pregnant. They bought their plane tickets about a week and a half before we found out I was pregnant… Isn’t that always how it goes? I’m really thankful they’re coming this weekend because I know it’ll be fun and make the time go by a little faster! I’m also looking forward to finishing the nursery in the next few weeks. Archer’s bedding and mobile are currently a work in progress, and I can’t wait to have those finishing touches!

photo 5

How much do I love this pillow from Chrissie Grace Designs?
So much. Maybe my favorite gift yet.

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