Baby Crawford | He’s Here!!!!

Not only is he here, but he is TWO WEEKS old. Two weeks! How did that even happen??? I believe now, more than ever, that I will blink, and he will be 18 and leaving for college. Insert the ugly cry here. 

Archer Daniel was born on Thursday, March 13th at 12:49pm. He was 19 inches long and weighed 6 pounds even. I am so blessed to have had a very easy delivery with only one little hiccup a few hours before he was born. Aaron and I are so in love and cannot even believe he’s ours. Almost every night before we go to bed, we hold and “play” with Archer and cannot even get over what a gift he is to us. A few days before he was born, I had a little freakout about how drastically our lives were about to change, but now I can’t imagine life without him. It truly is the best thing outside of marriage that we have ever experienced.

I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from Archer’s first ten days of life… And when I say “some”, I mean an obscene amount. Shocker. :)

One last belly picture before leaving for the hospital!


Who doesn’t love a hospital gown?!


We checked into the hospital at 5pm, and my mom’s plane landed at 6:45pm. Talk about perfect timing! We’re so thankful that she spent all of her trip with a baby here. :) Sidenote: Clearly, contractions hadn’t started when these were taken.


Can I just say PRAISE THE LORD for epidurals? I contracted for about 8 hours before getting one, and it was AWFUL. After that glorious shot in the back, I felt like a new person.


Meeting our little arrow for the first time. :)


He is just a precious, beautiful, and snuggly as could be.


We’re a family!!!


Also, nothing will make you love your husband more than seeing him love your first child.

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Archer had this CRAZY ridge on the top of his head for the first week or so of his life. It’s gone now, but I had to show it because I’d never seen anything like it before!


Going home!


This guy is SO little! He’s totally in an awkward stage too where preemie clothes are too small, but newborn clothes are too big. He looks a little ridiculous in his carseat. :)


First night at home… One of my favorite pictures ever.




It has been such a blessing to have my mom here for the first two weeks of his life. We haven’t cooked a meal, cleaned a dish, folded a piece of laundry, etc. I can’t imagine getting through these weeks without her. Plus, she’s been great company! Tomorrow is going to be a very sad night when she flies back to Florida. :(


Snuggly little bear. :)

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Going out to Outback for Aaron’s 27th birthday!


This is real life, people.


Noley is adjusting very well! She’s getting used to less attention and is very protective of her little brother and I. :)


My dad flew in from Florida this past weekend, and we’re so glad he got to see Archer when he was a newborn.


Newborn pictures with the fabulous Kati Mallory! More of those to come!

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One of my favorite things about Archer is all the crazy faces he makes. He has such a funny personality already!


There’s your first of many Archer posts to come! :)

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