Baby Noah

Prepare to meet one of the most adorable, sweet, and precious little baby in the whole wide world: Baby Noah. :) This summer, I was in Lynchburg hanging out with Noah’s mom, and I just so happened to have my camera with me… Naturally, we decided to see if precious little Noah wanted to do some modeling for me, and good news for me… He was just a blast to photograph. I couldn’t get enough of his smiles, adorable expressions, and flippin’ blue eyes. I don’t even know how I would pick a favorite… They’re all my favorites. :)

This picture makes me smile BIG. Check out those eyes. :)

This kid is a HEART.BREAKER.

He’s nice a chunky too… Which is how all babies should be.

Side note: When I was a baby, my mom called me the Michelan Man cause I had so many rolls.

Happy Weekend, Internet! :)

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