Back to Destin

Here’s a look at Beach Camp in Destin… So blessed to be able to serve some AWESOME students alongside my Husbie. :)

Started the 18 hour bus ride to Destin looking a lot happier than we were 10 hours in…

Arrived in our AWESOME condo, stood in a longggg line for Tijuana Flatts (well worth it!), and started out camp the right way.

Spent the week with these amazing girls and helped Aaron run the rec time, while getting super sweaty & hoping no one would die.

Listened to the hubs teach on 1 John 4 (SO hott & holy!!!), had Sonny’s BBQ (praise God from whom all blessings flow), and watched a classic game of Mercy go down (throwback to 2nd grade!).

Took lots of pictures (mainly awkward ones).

Watched the beautiful Desi & Dari get baptized in the most crystal clear water I’d ever seen (so proud of them!).

Had a photoshoot on the beach, was reminded how much I love Florida skies, and did some serious relaxing! :)

Spent a lot of time in corporate worship with my brothers & sisters in Christ… Amazed at what the Lord has done!

Kissed a little peeker!, took some more beach pictures, and watched a crazy awesome storm roll in.

Headed home through the boonies of Louisiana, watched the classic Spiderman, and finally finished The Hunger Games trilogy (still team Gale!).

Happy Tuesday! :)

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