Yes, it is true! Aaron and I are expecting our first baby on March 20th!!!! Even though we found out at the beginning of July, it is STILL so surreal… I can’t even wrap my mind around it! It’s especially crazy that I’m 13 weeks, far enough along that we can finally share our news with the world!

photo by Lissa Chandler

Honestly, I never thought I’d be pregnant only a year and a half after getting married. I had a “plan”… We would get five years of marriage under our belt, save money, and see the world. Okay, maybe we would just take a trip to NYC. But everyone knows how plans tend to go.

In the spring, one of us got baby fever. I feel almost guilty admitting this, but it was not me. Every time Aaron would see a baby, he would just stare at it with the cutest smile on his face, and he LOVED playing with our friends’ young children. Subconsciously, I knew I was done for, but I still had such a closed mind to the mere thought of a baby. Are you judging me yet? Aaron really is such a godly leader and husband. He didn’t pressure or guilt me, but he simply asked me to be willing to pray about it with him… Something I should have been doing all along. It’s no secret that when you finally let go of your plans and desires, the Lord can radically change your heart to fit His. This was no exception. Letting go of my plan and selfish desires gave me such a peace, and my heart was quickly aligned with Aaron’s – open to anything that the Lord would have for us.

Now here we are, a little over 3 months pregnant, almost out of the first trimester. Whether or not the Lord had decided to bless our lives with a baby, one thing is for certain – His grace is far more than we ever deserve. To think that He has chosen for us to be parents, entrusted us with raising a baby boy or baby girl, is far too great of a gift for Aaron and I to understand.

Here he or she is at 8 weeks!

We pray everyday for God’s protection on this baby’s life, that he or she will grow up to radically love and serve Him, and that others will see the light of Jesus Christ through our baby. We are truly blessed beyond measure and cannot wait to meet our little one! :)

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    Kati Mallory - AHHHHH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! :) So happy for you!ReplyCancel

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    Erin Fetterhoff - I am so excited for you Kelsey! :) You are going to be such a cute pregnant momma & a great mom once your baby is born!ReplyCancel

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I am so excited to show you this wedding today! Josh and Anna might be the most in love and DYING to marry each other couple I’ve ever worked with, and their wedding did not disappoint. I’ve been so blessed to shoot the weddings of so many awesome friends this summer… Just when I think my job can’t get any better, it does!

To start the day, they got ready at Josh’s grandparent’s beautiful house, which was just a DREAM to shoot at. I love locations that aren’t just beautiful but have so many memories attached to them. They exchanged vows in the church they (and I!) grew up in, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Their day was FULL of little details that so perfectly represented their love for the Lord, music, and Anna’s Swedish heritage. After the wedding, everyone had a blast dancing the night away in celebration of Mr. & Mrs. Carter’s new life together.  I might have bust a little move or two during the reception. Photographers can have fun too!

Josh & Anna – Y’all are truly a picture of God’s love for His people, and I am so thankful that I was able to be apart of y’all’s wedding day! Long distance is finally over!!!! Without a doubt, I know that y’all will love marriage, and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with your lives! I hope Jamaica is just amazing…. I might be just a LITTLE bit jealous. :)

One thing is for sure – Anna definitely knows how to pick a wedding dress.

Ever since A Walk to Remember came out in middle school, I’ve had an strong affinity for lace-edged veils. Anyone else with me?

How much do I love my new macro lens? Um… A LOT.

This is my second Batman bride this summer! Love it!

Gorgeous girl.

There are two things that I can’t ever get enough of: Buttons…

…and sparkly belts!

Anna, you were the epitome of an elegant, stunning, and fun bride!

I love capturing the moment that dad sees his baby girl all dressed up on her wedding day!

Meanwhile, the guys were intent on figuring out how to fold their pocket squares…

I’m telling y’all… The best smiles!

I love that they chose to pray together before the ceremony!

Just ridiculous, Anna!

This is a favorite!

Such an amazing bridal party! I loved y’all!!


Now THAT’S a kiss!

Ahhhh! So gorgeous!

Each table was assigned a different song, and they were dismissed to dinner when their song was played. How fun is that?!

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Carter! :)

Happy Friday!

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While in Florida this weekend, I found a REALLY old external hard drive filled with pictures from the very early days of my “photography”. I put photography in quotation marks because I had no intention of ever becoming a photographer. It just kind of happened after taking pictures of my friends (for free) for a year or so. I remember the first time a couple asked me how much I would charge for a session, and I was TERRIFIED to ask for $30 to cover the two hour session and disc of all the meticulously PHOTOSHOPPED images. Yeah… I basically had no idea what I was doing. :) It’s crazy to see how God has grown my business and given me such a passion for what I do, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots from back in the day, which should give you quite the laugh. :)

I really loved those crooked shots…

Don’t you love that hot pink “Kt”? Oh, geeze.

I hope those brought a little smile to your Tuesday!

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    kayla - Don’t hate too hard, you posted two of my favorite pics! Love you and your work!ReplyCancel