I’m about to make a bold statement: Allie & Luke are the most natural couple that I’ve ever had in front of my camera. I could have not said a single word the whole time, and they would have still ended up with the most candid, beautiful pictures. I joked with them that they needed to host “how to act adorable and in love in front of the camera” seminars for all of my future clients. You’ll understand as soon as you see. :)

These are the kind of people that make me want to pinch myself… Is this a real job that I actually get paid to do? Here are my favorites!


Aren’t they so cute?!


Allie’s got a little sass, and I loveeee it!


Golden hour did not disappoint us.


What I love so much about this picture is that it’s one that they’ve recreated many times in the course of their relationship. Spoiler alert: We recreated it again at their wedding. Yes, I’m THAT behind on blogging.




I’d say Luke is madly in love. :)


Okay, maybe this is my favorite. All the heart eyes!!!


If you’re a photographer, you know that feeling when you hear that a really adorable couple has gotten engaged, and you so desperately want to be the one to photograph their engagements…. That was my exact (and slightly selfish thought) as soon as I heard that Adam had asked Abigail to marry him! And if you’re not a photographer, it won’t take long for you to figure out why. :)

We almost rescheduled our session because of dark, gloomy clouds but decided to take a chance on the sun peeking out… I’m so glad we did because I love the way these images turned out! Towards the end of our session, it started to get super foggy, which meant my lens kept fogging up. While this was annoying, it ended up giving some really awesome looking shots that you’ll see at the end of this post!

Abigail & Adam-1

Abigail & Adam-17Abigail & Adam-18Abigail & Adam-20Abigail & Adam-25Abigail & Adam-31Abigail & Adam-37Abigail & Adam-43Abigail & Adam-48Abigail & Adam-55Abigail & Adam-60Abigail & Adam-66Abigail & Adam-74Abigail & Adam-91Abigail & Adam-94Abigail & Adam-96Abigail & Adam-97Abigail & Adam-99

After a longgggg winter here in Arkansas, I was so ready for Kat and Cole’s April wedding! I never do much shooting in the winter months… It’s really a shock that people don’t want pictures when it’s 10 degrees and everything is ugly outside. Obviously, this Florida-girl is really alright with it, but I’m always itching for spring to roll around so I can dust off the ‘ol Canon! Their’s was my first wedding of 2015, and I had pretty much been counting down the days since January 1st.

When first meeting with Kat, she told me how much she and Cole wanted their day to be full of laughter, fun, and lots of dancing with their friends and family. Well, I can honestly say that their goal was accomplished because it was really the most fun day! No stress, no bridezilla moments, no family freak outs… It was seriously perfect!

The girls started the day at Shag Salon in downtown Fayetteville.

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-3Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-37Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-57

Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm was the perfect backdrop for Kat’s Tesori gown!

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-62

I’ve dreamed of the day I would get to shot a bride wearing Louboutins.
Kat, so glad you were my first. ;)

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-69

Pigmint never disappoints! How incredible are the colors in her bouquet?

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-75Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-86Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-95Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-100Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-120Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-127Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-139Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-143

Kat was so excited to show Cole the back of her dress… It was my favorite part too!

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-150Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-173Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-177Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-191Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-195Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-204Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-210Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-223

My favorite shot from their day!

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-226Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-233Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-236Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-241Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-272Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-279Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-282Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-288Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-318Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-352

And my new favorite ring shot. Where’s the emoji keyboard when you need it?!
This shot deserves at least 10 heart-faced emojis.

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-355

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-405Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-431Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-440

Just married!!!

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-462Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-487Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-496Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-499Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-510

Eventures provided the rentals and had all the details looking perfect!

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-358Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-363Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-365Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-373

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-512Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-535Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-545Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-567

I love a bride who’s not afraid to break it down. :)

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-583Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-607Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-630Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-634

Seriously, they have such a fun group of friends!

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-642Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-674Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-700Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-716Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-724

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-617

Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

Wohlgemuth-Smith Wedding-747