Class of 2011: Alyssa

As I was working on this blog-post, my best friend Danielle was sitting next to me… We were scrolling through the pictures, and Danielle asks, “How come we didn’t look this good when we were seniors?!” FOR REAL. My thoughts exactly. I debated putting up one of my senior pictures for comparison’s sake, but then I decided that would be a terribly depressing decision. You’re just going to have to use your imagination, internet.

Alyssa is such an incredible girl… Heart sold out for the Lord, flippin’ gorgeous, infectious laugh, and she’s going to FLORIDA STATE for college. Holler! We met up in FL over my spring break at Alpine Groves Park, and I had such a great time shooting her. Here are some of my favorites from our session…

Uh, yeah. Alyssa… You’re pretty much a model. FAVORITE.

Sometimes, I ask my clients to do awkward poses, and it makes me so happy. :)

The infectious laugh I was telling ya’ll about. How cute is she?!

I love that Alyssa brought her favorite Ray-Bans. So adorable.

Please try and tell me that this isn’t the most awesome location of all time.

FEAR THE SPEAR, internet.

Alyssa’s adorable sister Emily jumped in for some of the pictures…

How cute are they?!

Happy Monday! :)

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