Class of 2011: Christi

I honestly can’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t know Christi. My mom has pictures of me and my brothers having play dates with Christi and her siblings. Think Sesame Street sleepovers, dress up, etc. Yeah, we go wayyyy back. Her two older brothers are some of my very best friends. Between that and my last two years of interning, I can say that I know Christi pretty well.

First observation… She is STUNNING. I could go on, but the pictures speak for themselves. Second, Christi has this spunky/happy/hysterical personality that was SO much fun too shoot. Third, prepare yourself for the cheesy spiritual line… She has an even more beautiful heart than her outward appearance. I don’t even care that its cheesy cause its so true! If you ever meet her, you will just see that the Lord’s love just shines through her. She is a great daughter, sister and friend… AND she’s coming to Liberty next year!!! Hollerrrrrr. :)

Christi… Thanks for letting me document this awesome time in your life. I had a blast, and I’m super blessed to call you a friend. :)

Christi… I think you might be the cutest person I have ever seen.

These are Christi’s girls. They support each other, encourage each other, laugh a ton, and look super good all together. I’m so glad they were able to come along for the shoot. Its always nice to have an extra set of eyes… Or six. :)

Are you kidding me, Christi?? Please be a little more gorgeous. FAVORITE.

They may or may not be starting a band. But probably not.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture… I think it totally captures Christi’s spunky, fun personality. :)

I’ll say it again… Christi, you are BEAUTIFUL, and I had so much fun during our session. :)

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