Class of 2011: Jessica

I realize that with such a vastly large blogience (blog audience… Yeah, just try to pretend like you’re not impressed by my new word), not all of you realize what it is like to live in Florida during the summer. That was my sarcastic typing-tone… I’m still not convinced that people other than my mom read this…. Hi Mom! Well, Florida summers are dang hot. Not like, “Oh, it’s a little warm outside today.” More like, “Oh my word, I can feel the skin melting off my face in pure ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ fashion.” Yeah, it’s serious. Because of the extreme FL temperatures, I ended up rescheduling a couple of my summer sessions for later in the fall, when it would no longer be hazardous to go outside. Let’s be honest, no one wants to be sweating bullets (does anyone even know what that term means?) for their pictures. And spending hours editing out sweat? Not exactly my idea of a fun afternoon. Needless to say, I was pumped for Thanksgiving break in FL because the awesome 70 degree weather finally allowed me to shoot in comfort!

Over the break, I had the privilege of shooting Jessica’s senior portraits. I have known Jess for about three years now through my church and interning with the high school youth group. There are a couple things that you should know about her. #1 – Jess has one of the most infectious laughs of anyone that I’ve ever known. Seriously. If she gets laughing, I can guarantee that you will be joining her very quickly. Unless, of course, you’re Grumpy Pants McGhee, like some people I know. #2 – Jess is a die-hard Florida State fan. I guess that’s not entirely relevant, but I believe it was worth sharing. #3 – She is totally sold-out for the Lord, and it shows wherever she goes. By interning with my church for the past two summers, I have gotten to know her very well, and I get so pumped to see her passion for Him overflow into every area of her life.

I had such a blast shooting her senior pictures, and I can honestly say that I have never laughed so hard while shooting. I was actually a bit concerned that all the pictures would come out blurry because of camera shake, but apparently an angel of God was there holding my hand steady.Thanks, angel. Here are some of my favorites from my sesh with Jess. Dang, I’m so good at rhyming these days.

Infectious laugh, right there.

Favorite #1.

I think this was right before Jess was telling me there was NO WAY that she could do a good serious face. Well, guess what Jess? Pictures don’t lie.

Favorite #2.

Happy early-in-the-morning Thursday, Internet! :)

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