Class of 2012 | Molly | Jacksonville Senior Photographer

Molly is a Florida-turned-Texas girl. Even though she lives in Texas now, she travels back to Florida quite a bit, and we were able to meet up while she was in Jacksonville for her spring break… FOUR DAYS before my wedding. Yeah, it was probably a little crazy of me to do a session that week, but I am SO GLAD that I did. Molly is an absolute stunner, full of so much personality, and was a blast to photograph. We did her session at Atlantic beach, and I’m never at a loss for vibrant colors and great backdrops when I’m shooting here. Take a look at some of my favorites from our session…

She brought favorite pair of shoes, and I loved them! Coach + leopard print + high tops??? Yes, PLEASE!

Molly, you can even make space heaters look good.

I spent about our entire shoot coveting her hair.

It was almost if someone had drawn these adorable little hearts just for us. Major score!

Despite the fact that she seriously injured her arm long-boarding a few months ago, she still loves it and wanted to incorporate it into her pictures.

Remember Ashley? They’re great friends. :)

I miss the beach. :(

Molly, can I please have your face? My gosh…

These next 3 are my favorites…

Texas girl. :)

Happy Wednesday, Internet! :)

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