Class of 2013: Callie

First off, I really can’t believe I just wrote ‘2013’. And I especially can’t believe that it’s only 62 days away. SIXTY-TWO. Seriously… Fastest year ever. Back to the point of this post…

Callie is one of the first students that I met when visiting Arkansas for the first time in November. I love that I was able to shoot her senior pictures, but I hate having them as a reminder that she won’t be in the youth group at our church next year. I know God is going to do huge things in this beautiful lady’s life, and I’m excited to see what that is! Also, I have to give high-fives to myself for this shoot because I did it in the middle of having the flu. Yeah… It was pretty awful, but Callie is awesome and still made me laugh in the midst of feeling like death. :)

Even though I can’t pull them off, I totally love a good pair of Chucks.

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