1. Caress Evenly Gorgeous – This body wash is the jam! Seriously, I’ve tried everything from expensive Bath & Body Works to Dove to organic stuff, but this goodness takes the cake. It smells like what I would imagine my house in Heaven will smell like, and it’s only $3 at Walmart. Major score.

2. Maybelline Baby Lips – I am a huge chapstick fan, but I CANNOT stand lipstick. It makes my lips feel like they’re suffering from an extreme case of claustrophobia. When I saw a commercial for Baby Lips, I was skeptical, but the built-in SPF sold me. Super necessary for trips to the pool & beach. Turns out, this stuff is totally like chapstick but still has awesome pigmentation. I love ‘Peach Kiss’ and ‘Pink Punch’. :)

3. Sara Bareilles, Kaleidoscope Heart – I’ve listened to it hundreds of times, but I always find myself coming back to it. Lyrical genius, that Sara… Indescribably good.

4. Starbucks Iced Via – If you know anything about me, you know I am a lover of coffee, especially Starbucks. With Arkansas being like a giant ball of heat, I really can’t bring myself to drink hot coffee, so this is the perfect alternative. It’s about $6 for a package of 5 servings at Walmart, but I only use half a packet for each cup. Also, instead of mixing it with water, I mix the instant coffee with milk… It gives it more of an iced latte feel. Add a little french vanilla Coffee Mate and some ice cubes? Holy perfect beverage, Batman. :) Sidenote: Because Batman is so awesome, I’m almost certain that he must be an avid coffee drinker too.

5. Krylon Spray Paint – Over the past few years of LOTS of DIY projects, I’ve discovered that you CANNOT skimp on quality spray paint. Yeah, Walmart sells an array of spray paints for $.99, but the quality is not nearly as good. You’ll end up needing 5 cans of the bobo (yes, bobo) stuff to do the same job as one can of Krylon. Plus, Krylon comes in all sorts of wonderful colors that make my heart happy. :)

What are YOU currently loving?
Happy Tuesday! :)

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