Engaged: Jack & Lauren

Being home in Jacksonville for the past week has been awesome. I’ve been to the beach three times, have blistered, and I am now peeling. That’s the sign of some good (but painful) times. One thing that I have been missing about Lynchburg is downtown. I LOVE shooting downtown because there are so many awesome locations, even though its pretty stinkin’ small. There’s just something about it that’s awesome because its so rustic & dirty but also clean & green. Versatility always wins!

Last month, I met up with my friend Lauren and her fiancee Jack for engagement pictures. They will become Mr. & Mrs. Gutschlag in the summer of 2012, so they contacted me to document their love. As often happens, the rain kept us on our toes. Thankfully, by the end of the day, the sun had come out and dried up all the rain, so we got to head out and explore downtown.

Jack & Lauren, I had a blast with you two! Thanks for letting me capture your love and laughter, and I hope you love your pictures! :)

Sad that they had no money for tomatoes…

Oh, by the way… Lauren is also a supermodel.

I love the way they laugh together… Makes me smile. :)

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