Engaged: Lee & Miranda

For the past week, I have been shamelessly listening to Taylor Swift’s new album Speak Now. Even though she’s not the most incredible vocalist in the world, I just really love her music. So real, honest, vulnerable… And hateful. Haha. I have recently nicknamed her ‘Bitter Betsy’, which I feel is appropriate after listening to her new album incessantly for the past week. Don’t be offended, Taylor. We’re all Betsy’s at one point or another. Anyways…

When I was on my way to an engagement shoot last weekend, I was obviously listening to T. Swift. The last song that was playing when I got out of the car was ‘Dear John’. I met this awesome couple, Lee & Miranda, and we began shooting. Probably about five minutes into the shoot, I caught myself calling Lee ‘John’. Hmmm… That’s weird. I felt really bad, apologized and we kept shooting. A few minutes later, I called him ‘John’ again. What the heck, Kelsey?? Pull it together! And then again, again and AGAIN, I kept calling him ‘John’. I felt terrible. Never had I messed up client’s names like this, and I had no idea what was wrong with me. Then I realized it – Miss Swift’s ‘Dear John’ was still in my head. When I finally realized all this, we were able to have a good laugh. Lee/John… Thanks for answering to both and understanding my brain’s malfunction. :)

Lee and Miranda have been together for two years and are getting married on June 18, 2011. They were SO natural in front of the camera, and I seriously had such a great time shooting them. Not to mention the INCREDIBLE fall leaves. Are you kidding me, Lynchburg?? You’re killing me with these colors! I realize I say this all of the time, but this was one of my favorite shoots EVER!

Without further ado… Lee/John & Miranda :)

Lee is so sweet to Miranda. You can see it in this series…

They throw their hands up in air sometimes…

favorite, favorite, FAVORITE!!!

Hey Miranda… You’re gorge. Don’t judge me and my lingo.

Favorite #2

Lee and Miranda, thanks so much for being cute for me. Ya’ll are the bomb.com!

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