Engaged: Phil & Kristin

There’s nothing more exciting that seeing great friends so in love AND getting the chance to document that love. I’ve known Phil since middle school and Kristin for about 4 years now. They are such a fun couple who love Jesus so much. My kind of people right there. They’re getting married on New Years Eve this year, and I cannot wait to shoot the wedding. :)

Cause everyone likes to sit on top of the newspaper dispensers… Or whatever they’re called. :)

Kristin. You are so flippin’ beautiful and adorable.

And you have quite an iceberg on your finger! :)

Oh, and she has the most infectious laugh ever… I feel like you can hear it in this picture. :)

One of my faves. :)

Another favorite… How can you not love an awesome tree?

This next series makes my heart so thankful for love. :)


And thanks to the bird, who knew exactly when to fly by. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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