Engaged: Robby & Cecily

You know those couples that everyone loves? Those couples who share the most genuine love for each other? The ones that you look at and think, “Yeah… they just belong together.” Well, Cecily & Robby fall right into that category.

They are both from Woodstock, GA, and they have been together for 5 and 1/2 years. I’m sorry… Maybe you didn’t get that… FIVE AND A HALF YEARS! That number overwhelms me, and it would be an understatement to say that they are both SO incredibly ready to start married life together. On June 26th, they will become Mr. & Mrs. Robby Lewis!

Cecily is finishing her undergrad here at Liberty, and Robby came up from GA a few weekends ago to visit. I was so blessed to be able to take their engagement pictures, and I had an absolute BLAST doing it. They are seriously one of the funniest couples that you’ll ever meet.

Cecily has the cutest laugh, but no one can make her laugh harder than Robby. There were actually a few times were he was being TOO funny and causing me camera shake. Haha.

Cecily, please stop being so dang beautiful. You’re making the rest of us look bad!

After a quick outfit change, we headed downtown, only to encounter a freak rainstorm and flash flood. Good news, Robby was prepared with umbrellas, and we had so much fun… even in the rain.

PS… Shooting while holding a umbrella between your neck and chin is a lot more difficult than it looks!

See, I told you. Cutest laugh ever.

Robby just got a job as a Youth Pastor in Venice Beach, FL. He made the move down a few weeks ago, and Cecily will be joining him when they’re married. Awesome job, awesome state (I may be a little biased), and awesome couple.

Congrats Cecily and Robby! :)

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