February Instagrams

I seriously cannot even believe it’s March… MARCH! Only 2 more months until I’ll be laying out at the pool getting my tan on. Yes, yes, yes! Despite the fact that it was FREEZING for most of the month, February was still great!

Noteworthy moments of February:

-My mom came to visit for a long weekend! We drank coffee, made infinity scarves, and did a little thrifting. If only Jacksonville weren’t 17 hours away.
-Snow. Blah. It wasn’t much and melted the next day, but it was enough to keep me inside for a while. Noley was totally mesmerized by it and probably would have stayed outside eating it all day.
-Aaron surprised me and took me to the Tulsa Zoo for date day! I love zoos and have wanted to go for a while, so it was really awesome.
-Running. Another blah. I’m trying to be disciplined about working out, but it definitely isn’t getting anymore enjoyable.
-There was a fire on the floor of our building. Thankfully, everyone was okay, and they were able to contain it quickly.
-Showing off my Hagrid-status hair. Praise the Lord for hair straighteners.
-SOMEONE (not naming names) dropped a box of 800 toothpicks in the kitchen. I’m still finding them a month later.
-My favorite Throwback Thursday to date. Poor, 5 year old Kelsey got stuck in a bucket, and my thoughtful mom ran to get the camera before she helped me out.
-Aaron and I did a p90x video, and it whooped our booties.
-I found Biscoff Spread at Walmart. Oh my gosh, y’all. Those heavenly cookies Delta serves on their flights?! Yeah… That what this is, just in a peanut-buttery form. Life forever changed.
-Aaron’s youth pastor from middle/high school came to visit us in Arkansas and spoke to our students at church. It was great to have him visit.
-The last picture is further proof that my mom and I look nothing alike, contrary to what EVERYONE says.

Happy Monday!


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