Four Months Old | Archer Daniel

Gosh, I am absolutely the worst at these monthly updates. As evidenced by the fact that I missed 3 months, and now that I’m posting 4 months, he’s about to turn 5 months! Dang.

Three Months


Four Months


Let’s see those again, side by side.
Please excuse me while I go cry a whole lot of ugly tears…


Weight: Just barely under 16lbs at his 4 month check up

Height: 25 inches even!


Sleep: For the most part, he is a GREAT sleeper. He usually has his last feeding around 9pm, goes straight to sleep, and sleeps until 6:45-7am. Ha-lle-lu-lu! For all of you new moms who feel like you’re about to die from sleep deprivation, it gets better!


Eating: Archer eats about 6-8oz per feeding. He’s still nursing and then taking a bottle immediately afterwards. We just started adding rice cereal to his bottles throughout the day.

Clearly, he is doing okay in the eating department.


Diapers: He fits quite perfectly in 2’s.

Clothing: We’re exclusively wearing 3-6mo these days, but I can tell we’ll be out of them much sooner than 3 months!

Maybe my favorite picture of all time.


Mood: Just so sweet, chill, and fun!


-Obnoxious noises repeated over and over and over until he breaks into a fit of giggles. :)
-Snuggling with Brown Bear while falling asleep. It’s pretty flippin’ adorable.
-Laying on his changing table and staring at the wooden animals on the shelf above him.
-Jingle bug!
-Marcel the Monkey. Yes, we named one of our child’s toys after Friends. No one should be surprised about this.
-Morning! It’s still his favorite time of day.
-Watching Noley.
-Bath time! YAY! It took a long time to get here, but he finally loves it!
-Reading from his Jesus Storybook Bible before bedtime.

This is Marcel. They are best buds.


Doesn’t Love:

-Tummy time. We still get our daily dose of it, but it is certainly not his favorite position.
-Being hot. He’s very sensitive to temperatures, and homeboy will scream bloody murder when he’s too toasty.
-When his bottle isn’t the perfect temperature. He will seriously choke, cry, and act like we’re trying to feed him toxic sludge if it isn’t the right temperature. Silly boy.


What I Want to Remember:

-Our trip to Florida! Introducing him to my grandparents and so many dear friends was such a sweet time. Also, he took his first swims in the pool and loved his floatie! However, he did not love the beach. See above about his aversion to heat.
-Taking him to Fireworks at the Crosses, our church’s annual 4th of July celebration, and watching his sweet face sleep through the incredibly loud fireworks show.

Looking Forward To:

-Being home for the next 5 weeks! We’ve been traveling like a family of nomads, and I am so excited to get back into our routine for a while.


We love you, Archer!

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