Happys & Sads

This week’s happys go to:

-Getting my office/our guest bedroom painted and cleaned out!!! Not only can we now walk around in it, but it’s actually starting to look like an office! Yay!
-Blogging 5 days this week… I’m actually starting to show signs of discipline. :)
-Making homemade french fries that were DELISH last night for dinner. Thanks again, Pinterest. :)
-Being a Twitter celebrity. Okay… So I’m not really a celebrity, but I definitely had 15 minutes of Twitter fame yesterday. Not only did Aaron & I get a response from Dave Barnes (my first true love), but I also got reweeted by Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty!

By the way, I would NEVER throw away a picture of Dave Barnes & I. 

This week’s sads go to:

-Being on the last disc of Friends, season 10. Have I seen the series 30+ times? Yes. Will I start over as soon as I’m done? Yes. Still sad.
-The price of groceries. I mean really… Can’t we can’t just come up with a bartering system or something?
-This awful cold that won’t seem to go away. I was down for the count on Sunday & Monday, and even though I’ve felt fine since then, I’m still going through tissues like it’s my job. My poor little nosey. :(
-Helicopter Man, Party DJ, & Mushroom Farmer still being on The Bachelorette. I mean, come on Emily… Grow some eyeballs!

Happy Weekend, Internet! :)

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