Just Cause: Cory & Abbey

I know I’ve said this a million and one times, but I seriously am so blessed to have the BEST CLIENTS EVER!! Cory and Abbey are friends from Jacksonville… They both attended Liberty last year, but Abbey transferred to Southeastern University this semester to study Biblical Counseling. Sidenote… I have so much respect for Abbey. She moved into a brand-new city where she knew hardly anyone just to follow the Lord’s leading in her life… End sidenote. She made the trip from Wake-Forest to Lynchburg to visit LU for her 21st birthday. About a month before the trip, she emailed me asking if I would be able for a session while she was in town… If she could get Cory to agree. Well, being the good boyfriend that he is, he agreed. Anytime I hear that clients are apprehensive about a shoot, it makes me worry that their apprehension will show in pictures. Well, this was not the case with Cory and Abbey. They were probably one of the top two most fun couples I’ve ever shot. (I can’t say they were number one… People would get jealous.) I could explain, but why don’t you just see for yourself…


I told you they were fun.

Not that I had to prove it again, but in case you still had doubts…


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