Just Cause: Kyle & Kristin

There are people in this world who I just love, and I just LOVE Kyle and Kristin. They are probably one of my top three favorite couples in the entire world and got married this past March. Let me start with Kristin… I guess you could call her my boss, but that word brings such a stiff and sometimes negative connotation. Kristin is neither stiff nor negative. She is actually awesome. She’s the kind of person who will bring you chocolate when you’re having a bad day or tell you an embarrassing story just for a good laugh. In the 4 months that she’s been my “boss”, I’ve never seen her get angry, upset or worried. She’s super chill, knows how to laugh at life and is one of greatest examples of a godly woman. And Kyle… We share the bond of procrastination. And we’re not talking about a little bit of procrastination. We’re the type of procrastinators who turn in assignments with 30 seconds (or sometimes less) to spare. It’s exhilarating, people! Who needs rollercoasters when you’re racing the clock to 11:59?? Kyle also loves Conan and makes/produces fantastic music. If you know what’s good for you, you will go buy his album. Great windows down, driving under the stars music. Bottom line: These people are great, and I loved being able to capture their love. I know, Internet. Could I sound anymore cheesy? Don’t judge me!

I will make a few observations before the pictures begin. #1 – The fall leaves… Are you kidding me, Lynchburg? THE BEST. #2 – Kristin’s eyes are ridiculous. No, I did not make them any bluer. Is that a word? There’s no red, squiggly line under it, but it doesn’t look right. #3 – They’re just plain beautiful/precious/adorable together. Here are some of my favorites from their shoot a few weeks ago…


Definitely my favorite.

We met a caterpillar along the way… I thought I’d share. :)

Favorite #2. A very close second…

Kristin has a very strong affinity for crunchy leaves… Like strong enough for Kyle to go “crunchy leaf hunting” so that they were incorporated in his proposal. Told ya… Presh.

Favorite #3. Is it possible to have too many favorites? I submit no.

See… You can see the love in her eyes. Kristin, you’re the best. :)

Happy new week, Internet! I hope it’s phenom. :)

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