Just Cause: Langston & Danielle

I realize that I’ve been a major slacker in the blog department these past few weeks. Anyone who has ever been a college student during the months of April and May knows that it is the most hectic and stressful time of the entire year. I’ve gotten so behind on editing, and I can’t wait for summer to get here so I can finally get caught up. (And the no school thing will be nice.) Summer is only 6 days away… Praise the LORD!!!!!!! It’s weird to think that I’ll be an official college grad by Saturday and that I’ll be starting seminary in only 3.5 months. When did this whole adult thing happen?? So strange… Anyways, I’ll be in Jacksonville all summer, and I’m already booking a lot of sessions. If you’re interested in one yourself, just email me! :)

Now on to the purpose of this post…

The first time that I met Danielle, I remember thinking, “Man, she is excited about life.” This year, she has been my mentor/boss/friend, and the fact remains that she is one of the most passionate people that I have ever met. It’s so easy to see that her excitement for life comes straight from her love for the Lord.

Danielle and Langston will be celebrating their one year anniversary this June, and I had a BLAST on this shoot. It is so obvious that they selflessly care for and love each other so much. Langston has the ability to make Danielle laugh anyway, anytime and about anything… The evidence is in the pictures. Danielle & Langston, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your laughter, passion and love! It was seriously a huge blessing!

Oh yeah… I forgot to add that they’re both total goofballs. :)

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