lessons learned.

1. Backup your Lightroom Catalog everyday cause if you don’t, it will crash… And you will lose 50+ hours of work.
Oh, yes. This actually happened.

2. When you get to the last two months of your engagement, you should probably start making decisions. Like about the wedding and moving to Arkansas. If you don’t, your bridesmaids & mom will have to conduct an intervention with you to get your butt moving.

3. God’s grace covers all… Something I’ve always known, but now I’m learning His grace in new ways.

And because every post is naked without a picture, here is how I would describe my life at the present:

And on account of the fact that I hate horses so much, this is saying a lot.

  • January 18, 2012 - 10:59 pm

    Eliza Harper - 1. I love you!
    2. So sorry you lost so much work!:(
    3. This picture made my day…can totally sympathize with ya.
    4. You have your plane ticket to my wedding and I don’t to yours. Who is more on top of things? I’ll let you decide!ReplyCancel

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