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I feel like I’ve been totally MIA from photography over the past few weeks. Every college student knows that the end of the semester is insane, and you’re more than lucky to survive. On top of the studying/cramming for finals, I babysat like it was my job (I guess it is my job) and was responsible for checking out 30 girls from my dorm. Somehow, I managed to make it to the end of the semester… The end of my time as an undergrad student.

I can only describe graduation as a hot mess… The day of graduation wasn’t too hot, only about 80 degrees. I know what you’re thinking… “Kelsey, you’re from Florida. How in the world can you be complaining about 80 degrees?” Well, I will agree that the temperature that day was not too bad, but once I added a fitted dress, black gown, academic stole (a.k.a. a really heavy velvet scarf), sash and ugly hat, I was sweating bullets. Somehow, by the grace of God, I made it through the day without passing out and received my bobo diploma. It was a blessing to have my whole family plus two sets of grandparents in town to celebrate, and I can now say that I’m an alumni of Liberty University. So weird. I don’t feel a huge sense of accomplishment or relief as most graduates feel because I’m returning to LU in the fall to pursue a Master of Arts in Theology. Basically, this isn’t really the end… It’s just a new start of a new beginning.

Oh yes… There’s that lovely cap. Isn’t it called mortar board or something like that? All I know is that whoever designed the graduation getup was definitely not a woman.

Here I am in the sea of graduates! I feel like this could have been a page in “Where’s Waldo?”, so I decided to help ya’ll out a bit… :)

Me and graduation buddy, Robert. Don’t let the smiles fool you… We were both about to die of heat exhaustion, but I guess we were a little excited to graduate too.

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