Malawi is Stealing My Friends

It’s true. In less than 3 weeks, two amazing families from our church will be moving their lives almost 10,000 miles away to Malawi, Africa to serve with Pure Mission. They will be working with an amazing platform at Esther’s House, providing locals with vocational training, agricultural and water development, church planting, widow ministry, orphan care, and medical care. It has been so exciting to see the Carneys and Jacksons prepare for this huge step that God is calling them to take. I try not to be sad when I think of them moving because I know they are following the Lord’s will for their lives. But confession time. I am sad and will miss them all so much. Not to mention that Noley is losing her best buddy Finn. :( Because of that, Aaron and I are already planning a trip to visit and work with them while they are in Africa. Fun fact: Aaron and his family were missionaries in Kenya, Africa for 3 years while he was in middle school, and he has been talking about going back ever since we met! I’ve never been, so I can’t wait to visit and maybe bring some babies home with me! :)

The Carneys and Jacksons designed these awesome shirts to raise money for their move to Africa, and I love them so much that I HAD to share! Each shirt spells out “LOVE”, and you can order them for you and your spouse, kids, friend, etc., so they spell it out perfectly! For example, Aaron has “LO” on the front of his, and I have “VE”! The shirts also happen to be the world’s softest fabric, and you will never want to take it off! If you’re interested in ordering a shirt, contact Lacey here. And yes… They ship! :)

The Carneys! Not pictured: Their SIX kids. And yes, they’re all going to Africa too!

I seriously think these are so clever!

The Jacksons… Remember them? :)

They’re a fun bunch. :)

Watch out for lots of fun stuff coming to the blog this week!

Happy Monday!

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