March Instagrams

Better late than never, right? :)

Highlights of March include:

-Seeing Ben Rector in concert as part of our belated anniversary celebration. Holy awesome, Batman.
-Enduring what seemed like the longest winter of all time… It really made those midnight trips to take Noley outside even worse than normal.
-Speaking of Noley, she did not have a great month. Some of her issues included destroying one of my most expensive memory cards and spreading the stuffing from one of her toys all over the apartment.
-Getting spoiled by the Husbie with a fancy manicure & pedicure for our anniversary.
-Enjoying my very first coffee-art latte! It was almost too pretty to drink, but I eventually gave in. :)
-Doing the little DIY project that I shared on the blog yesterday.
-Buying the world’s largest supply of creamer. By the way, it’s almost gone. Whoopsies.
-Sharing our second married Easter together and with some sweet friends who take us in as family on holidays. :)
-Celebrating Aaron’s 26th birthday, even though we were separated for it.
-And the best thing… Hitting ONE YEAR of marital bliss. Still can’t believe that one!

Happy Thursday! :)

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