Married: Mr. & Mrs. Anderson

One of my favorite things in the world is seeing my couples work hard to make sure their wedding reflects their personalities. This summer, I got to shoot Devin and Aaron’s wedding, and it was a total reflection of them as a couple. The whole day was so relaxed and such a sweet time where the bride & groom were able to enjoy each other along with the company of their closest family and friends. Also, I’ve shot a lot of weddings, and I have to say that, in general, wedding food is just terrible. This is such a tragedy since wedding food is NOT cheap. I’m learning so much now that I’m planning my own wedding. But Devin & Aaron’s wedding food? Oh my gosh… DELISH. Sonny’s BBQ catered the best wedding food I’ve ever had, and there’s a very good chance that me & my fiance will be stealing their idea. Thanks ya’ll! :) Did I seriously just rant for 5 sentences about wedding food? That’s embarrassing…

My favorite moment of Devin & Aaron’s wedding day was during introductions at the reception. It was explained that when they had first gotten engaged, they had both agreed that they didn’t want to get married in the summer, and they wanted to honeymoon somewhere that wasn’t blazing hot. This was ironic because they ended up getting married outside, in Florida, in the middle of July, and they were honeymooning in Mexico. While we all laughed at this, I just smiled cause it was a great reminder that a wedding isn’t about the temperature outside or the honeymoon location. Its about the marriage.

Here are some of my favorites from their day… :)

I love hairspray shots, but I always freak out about my lens getting sprayed while snapping away. Good news, no lenses were harmed in the making of this awesome shot. :)

Hey there, beautiful Dec 31st bride! :) Seriously, who looks this cute with a toothbrush in their mouth?

I LOVE Steve Madden. I LOVE wedges. These shoes = from the Lord.

To say that Devin & Aaron love the Red Sox would be an understatement.

Beautiful bride. :)

Love this shot of Devin’s mom…

Two things about this are awesome: #1 – The beautiful detailing on the dress. #2 – Devin’s awesome back. Seriously, you make all the girls in the world mad. Teach me your ways. Is that weird?

Devin & Aaron opted to see each other before the ceremony to allow more time for pictures and be able to truly enjoy the day together.

So precious. :)

One of my faves.

Obviously, I’m a bit biased, but aren’t her freckles the best ever? :)


I loved everything about this cupcake display. I think I took approximately 300 pictures of it… No joke. :)


The most epic first kiss I have ever witnessed…

And just like that, they were husband and wife. :)

See how the Red Sox keep popping up in this wedding? They even got hats embroidered with their wedding date.

The introductions of the bridal party to the reception were seriously the funniest ones I’ve ever heard. Props to whoever wrote them, and are you available for hire? :)

Oh, hey look! It’s Phil & Kristin! :)

Please note Devin’s mother’s face (to the right in the blue dress) in this picture. AWESOME.

Congratulations ya’ll! :)

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