Married: Mr. & Mrs. Hardy

I’ve been sitting here staring at this empty text box for about fifteen minutes now. How can I even try to describe the incredible work of the Lord that brought Rob and Erin together? This is one of those couples whose love for the Lord is undeniably contagious, and I had the absolute privilege of experiencing that love while shooting their wedding. Here are some of my favorites from the day…

Erin wore the same garter that her mom wore… So special!

It’s safe to say that Rob was just as ready to be married as Erin was… Maybe even more. :)

At this point, Erin would have walked, no… she would have run down the aisle if we had let her. She was so eager and excited to meet Rob at the alter.

Erin, are you serious?? You are GORGEOUS!!!!

I’ve seen Rob smile a lot over the past few years. NEVER have I seen him smile like this.

And I love that Ben (Rob’s brother and best man) had to take a peek over his shoulder as Erin was walking down the aisle.

Rob and Erin were so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing group of friends who love them so much.

And they were super fun too. :)

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Hardy! :)

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