Married: Mr. & Mrs. Pace

Collins & Jenna got married on August 20th of this past year. Internet, now you know how behind I am on blogging. Shame on me. Jenna was such a classy bride, and throughout the whole day I just kept thinking about how regal she looked. And the girl loved some bling! It was awesome. :) She & Collins just exude love for each other and were such naturals in front of the camera.

On their day, they were surrounded by some incredible friends and family who take the whole loving and caring for thing to a whole new level. Weddings like this are the ones that get me so excited for me & Aaron’s. Here are my faves!

Can we just talk about how fabulous of a hair style this is?? I basically love it.
Oh, and this is officially example #1 of Jenna’s regalness. :)

Just stunning.

My pictures get photobombed a lot… It happens when you’re shooting in public. This is probably my favorite photobomb yet. :)

Even the cake needed some bling! :)

Ya’ll are just plain fierce.
Sidenote: Jenna & Collins gave me 20 minutes during their reception (while guests were still eating) to do some bride & groom portraits. Brides, if you don’t want to do a first look, this is a GREAT way to ensure you get wonderful pictures of you & your man.



As soon as I shot this, I thought, “CANVAS MATERIAL, YO!” Yes, I screamed it in my head. And then I found out that this is one that Jenna & Collins are having made into a canvas. My heart = happy.

Hey, look! It’s Justin & Grace!

Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Pace! :)

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