Married: Mr. & Mrs. Sorie

Oh, hey… I’m actually not dead. Craziest three weeks ever.

I am so excited to finally blog this wedding. It was awesome for a number of reasons:

  1. I love Andrea & Tyler dearly and think they are some of the greatest people ever.
  2. Andrea basically planned her entire wedding day timeline around when the best lighting would be for pictures.
  3. I got to stay in an adorable yellow beach cottage with her & her precious family the night before the wedding.
  4. I shot this wedding with my new 5DmarkII and 50mm/1.2L!!! Dreams really do come true!
  5. Andrea & Tyler got married in the Outerbanks of NC and only invited their closest family.
  6. They were, hands-down, the most laid-back bride & groom I’ve ever worked with.
  7. They could be models.
  8. I shot this whole wedding barefoot… My feet were happy.
  9. They gave me almost an entire hour for bride & groom portraits after the ceremony.
  10. Both Andrea & Tyler love Jesus more than I can even write. :)

I could keep going for so long, but let’s be honest… You’re not here to listen to me talk about how amazing they are together. You’re here to SEE it. So, without further ado, Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Sorie, established May 18th, 2011…


The day started at Spa Vogue… Quite possible the most rockin’ spa ever. Lime green, crystals, and zebra print everywhere!

Andrea… I ADORE you. Let’s be friends forever, k?

Seriously, how awesome is this salon!?

Andrea’s dress was perfect for her and her beautiful beach wedding. :)

This perfectly sums up her excitement for the day. :)

She received some BEAUTIFUL diamonds to wear for the day…

Oh, and in case you were wondering… No, I did not edit her skin in any of these. Yes, it is just that perfect. Andrea, you make me and every other woman in the world insanely jealous. Tell us you secrets!

I heart this picture.

Yep. My favorite picture of Andrea EVER. Flippin’ STUNNING!

I got to hang out with Tyler for a bit while he ready, which was not nearly as long of a process. :)

Little side story… Throughout high school, me and my best friend Stephanie were obsessed with the show Smallville. For those of you who don’t know, it was a show that documented the early life of Clark Kent, aka Superman. Well, this picture below reminds me SO MUCH of Clark Kent, which is funny cause Tyler is semi-obsessed with Superman too.


Tyler also played the guitar at his wedding. Just kidding… That’s his identical twin, Blake. You’ll be seeing more of him & his beautiful wife Kelly later this week. :)

Seriously, Andrea… You are the most adorable bride of all time.

Yeah… They love each other a whole lot.

Such a precious moment when Andrea & Tyler’s family prayed for them during the ceremony.

Yay for husband & wife!!!!

These next three were taken immediately after the ceremony. I couldn’t narrow it down because they’re just so beautiful together!

Favorite #1.

Favorites #2 and #3.

Seriously, ya’ll? Stop being so perfect.

Favorite #4.

I felt like it was only appropriate to end this post with the following picture… Quite similar to how I ended their engagement session blog. :)

Favorite #5. Don’t judge me. I can have as many favorites as I want. :)

Tyler & Andrea… Thanks for being so wonderful. It’s friends like ya’ll that make me love my life & job so much. :)

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