My Best Friend’s Wedding

No, this is not some melodramatic story of the time I realized I was in love with my best friend and tried to sabotage his wedding… This is simply a post about my best friend, who happens to be getting married this Saturday.

After staring at this text box for 30 minutes, I think it’s safe to say that I’m at a loss for words. How in the world am I supposed to recap 12 years of friendship with just a blog post?? When Danielle and I first bonded over a middle school retreat in the 7th grade, I had no idea how deep the roots of our friendship would grow to be today. From making ridiculous home videos in middle school to countless hours spent laying on the beach in high school to all the pranks we pulled on each other in college, I could not have asked for a better best friend to help shape the memories of “the glory years”. She is fun-loving, compassionate, incredibly selfless, a great listener, beautiful, and a picture of Jesus to everyone around her. For the last few weeks leading up to her wedding, I’ve been thinking a lot about our friendship and how far it’s come in the last 12 years, and there’s one thing that’s for sure: I absolutely have not deserved to have such an amazing friend like her all these years. Her friendship is nothing short of a gift from God, and I can’t imagine what my life would be without it. Sure, there are countless times that we probably could have killed each other, but that’s normally a sign of the strongest of friendships. :)

Danielle – I cannot wait to see you become a wife on Saturday… Will is blessed beyond measure to be able to call you his bride. Thank you for being the best friend that I didn’t deserve all of these years – For loving and supporting me in the midst of struggles, for never judging but always joining my weirdness, for all the endless birthday surprises, for all the many spontaneous Jon McLaughlin dance parties, for making it a priority to visit me when I moved to Arkansas, for letting me give you about 800 nicknames and answering to ALL of them, for forgiving me when I was an idiot, for being the best roommate I could have asked for, for not being afraid to confront me when I was again being an idiot, for all the really embarrassing PhotoBooth photoshoots, for listening to countless hours of boy drama over the years, for always making me feel included despite being 1100 miles away, for standing by my side on my wedding day, and for being a constant example of Jesus in my life. People say that you always grow apart from the friends you had in high school and college, but I know that won’t be true for us because our friendship is centered on the Lord. Besides, you know WAY too many secrets, so I have to keep a close eye on you. :)

I love you, Yellow!

If I’m slightly absent from the blog this week, it’s probably because I’m in Florida for the next 8 days enjoying all the wedding festivities, and I’m definitely not sorry for that!

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