My “New” Family

Okay, so this isn’t my “new” family as the post suggests… The Crawfords have actually been my family for over 10 months now. Seriously, unbelievable. Am I really married??? Am I mature enough for this??? Aaron and I were able to take a little vacation to Florida after Christmas and were able to see BOTH of our families, which was such a blessing. This is the part where all of you Arkansas residents can feel a little jealous because we spent our time with Aaron’s family at the beach. Yep, it was pretty much awesome. I am so thankful for awesome in-laws and another brother and sister! We took some pictures on the beach while we were there, and I decided to share them since one of my resolutions was to take and share more personal pictures. I would like to give a big thanks to the trusty tripod and remote.

They LOVE it when I make them fake laugh. :)

Matthew’s girlfriend Jourdan was able to join us at the beach, so I snapped a few of the lovebirds. :)

Our beautiful little sister, Calise…

The awesome in-laws.
And in case you were wondering what Aaron will look like in 25 years, here it is. :)

Apparently, having to use a remote also means I don’t know what to do with my arms.

Ohhhh, my husband.

Brotherly love… Is sometimes a little weird.

Just us. :)

Love this man with my whole heart.

Happy Tuesday!

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