Oh, How Pinteresting!

It’s been a while, and Pinterest has been a gold mine recently… Here are some of my new favorites!

Who doesn’t love a little Harry Potter humor to start their weekend?

source: The Meta Picture

I just LOVE string art but have yet to attempt it myself because it looks so time consuming! I think this simple cross design would be the perfect beginner’s project and a great addition to our new place when we move in the fall! :)

source: Etsy

Speaking of moving, one of the things I’m most excited about is (hopefully) having some space for an entry table! I love how this one is styled, even though I’m not super crazy about the quote on the chalkboard.

source: FOUND

Okay, okay. I KNOW I shouldn’t be posting anything baby-related, or people will start to wonder. And our mothers will start freaking out. However, I couldn’t resist this adorable baby-boy onesie. SO CUTE!!!!

source: Etsy

It seems like big, chunky necklaces are already on their way out (can’t say I’m sad), and dainty jewelry is taking over! I love this rose gold initial necklace. :)

source: Uncovet

I know I’m a little late for 4th of July decor, but I’m just planning for next year! :)

source: Maison de Pax

Recently, I have just been in LOVE with hand-lettering, but sadly, I don’t have any skills myself. My favorite illustrator/hand letterer is Lindsay Sherbondy. Her work is TO DIE FOR.

source: Lindsay Letters

Happy Weekend! :)

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