Oh, How Pinteresting!

Here’s another installment of Oh, How Pinteresting! I know it’s not even close to being on topic with photography, but in an effort to blog consistently, I’m realizing that I need to have a totally brainless post every once in a while. This definitely does the trick. Here are some of my favorite Pinterest finds from the week! And you can follow me by clicking the ‘Pinterest’ link on the menu above. :)

If I was the mailman that drove up to this mailbox, I’m fairly certain my year would be made!

source: The Weather Channel

How adorable is this vintage button necklace? It looks like it would be pretty easy to make and customize, so I’ll definitely be attempting to recreate it soon!

source: Do It Yourself Pins

Is it possible to fall in love with pantry doors? Because I think I have. Poor Aaron will have so many projects to do when we buy a house one day.

source: i am momma hear me roar

Someone needs to buy me this STAT.

source: Etsy – For Such a Time Designs

Just in case I don’t have enough projects I want to attempt, I think I should add “learn to do hand-stitched embroidery” to the list.
What’s one more project, right??

source: Little Lovelies

And there are simply no words for this last one but amen & amen…

source: Christian Memes

It’s the weekend!!! Hope yours is fantastic. :)

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