Oh, How Pinteresting!

Pinterest has been really rocking my world this week… Here are my favorites!

Does Cream of Chicken freak anyone else out, or is that just me? I found this recipe for homemade Cream of Chicken, and it is WAY less sketchy than that junk that comes out of a can. I tried it in a casserole recipe, and it was awesome! Definitely repeat-worthy!

source: the Kitchn

This armoire is just plain beautiful… I can’t wait to replicate it when we have a house one day.

source: Romantiska Hem

John Legend’s personal macaroni and cheese recipe… Uh, yes, PLEASE!!!!

source: Martha Stewart

Steve Madden always does it right.

source: Wanelo

Oh, Nick Miller. You slay me.

source: Tumblr

A popcorn bar at a wedding?! How brilliant is this? It could be done in such an adorable way, and it’s totally cost-effective!

source: The Party Dress

Now, let’s be honest. The reason that you came to my blog today was NOT to read all about my Pinterest favorites. You came to see who won the Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Before I get to who won, I have to acknowledge how many people commented on the giveaway saying that they hadn’t EVER had professional pictures done. If you fit into this category, PLEASE make it a priority to get pictures done soon, whether or not it’s with me! I promise that you won’t regret it.

I’m so overwhelmed by how many people entered the giveaway, and the truth is, I WISH I could giveaway a session to everyone! Aaron would not be too happy with this because of the whole earning an income thing. BUT I did decide that I wanted more people to win, so I’m also going to giveaway two sessions for half-price! Yay for more winners!!! Okay… I’ve been delaying for long enough. Here are the winners!!!

Winner of the hour long session, disc of edited images, and copyright release:

Winners of the hour long session, disc of edited images, and copyright release for half-price:

Thanks to everyone who entered!!! If you are one of the winners, please email me at kelsey@kelseytice.com, so we can set up your sessions! :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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