Oh, How Pinteresting!

I know this is normally my Friday post, but Aaron is off today, which means I need a brainless post for today! Maybe I’ll be able to come up with something with a little more substance for tomorrow’s post, but no promises there. :) Here are my favorite Pinterest finds from this week!

I am DYING over this DIY clock. It’s the one thing that’s missing from our house because I haven’t found one that I love yet, and I think this might be the one! Get excited, Aaron! Another project is coming your way. :)

source: Meridian Road

Such a great reminder and beautiful graphic!

source: Mustard Seed Grows

This J.Crew necklace would be an INSANE addition to your wedding day attire. Talk about non-traditional and personality!

source: Preppy Georgia Peach

All of my blog friends have been posting about their super healthy meals, and I’m over here like, “I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!”
I have no shame. Okay, maybe I have a little shame.

source: Recipe Girl

I love, love, love peonies, and this arrangement has me drooling. I wish it was summer and these were on my kitchen table right now!

source: We Heart It 

And lastly for this week, here is a great exchange between Michael Scott & Jim Halpert from back in the day when The Office wasn’t awful.

source: Tumblr

Anyone have any amazing Pinterest finds (or fails!) from this week? Please share!!!

Happy Thursday!

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