Oh, How Pinteresting!

Currently, I’m sitting in the Chicago airport, waiting for a flight that will reunite me with some of my best friends from LU. So exciting! I’ve never been to Chicago before, and I’m a little bummed that sitting in the airport will be the extent of my visit. Can someone please get engaged and then hire me to shoot their Chicago wedding? I think it would be so fun to shoot city wedding… That’s definitely different than my normal style, but I’m always up for a challenge. :)

This weekend, I’ll be shooting both an engagement and bridal session. Do you realize what that means?! Next week, the blog will actually have photography on it! I feel like it has been so long since last year’s shooting season, and I am ready to get back into the swing of things! Understatement of the year. Unfortunately, that means that I have to fill the blog with yet ANOTHER post not related to photography, but bear with me, people… The end is near! Here are my favorite Pinterest finds from this week…

Starting things off with the fab Jennifer Lawrence.
And whoever captioned this pin is a genius. “Kind of want her bangs, and waves, and hair color, and talent, and Oscar.” Amen to that.

source: Keep Calm, be a Mermaid 

If you knew how much I struggled through math in high school and college, you would be buying me this brilliant t-shirt right now.

source: Skreened

I absolutely LOVE this watercolor print of the world. Check out Poppy and Pinecone on Etsy… Beautiful work!

source: Poppy & Pinecone

How perfect are these flats? Steve sure knows how to do it.

source: Macy’s

Because I am a 8 year old at heart, I was so excited to come across this recipe for homemade Easy Mac. Those little packets are so expensive, so I’ll definitely be giving this a try!

source: Babble

Next time you look at an old picture of yourself and think, “Why did no one stop me from wearing that?”, just remember Justin & Brittany.
The world will never forget.

source: E! Online

Happy Friday! :)

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