One Line A Day

If you read my 101 in 101, you know that one of my goals (#34) was to “Start  a One Line a Day memory book on January 1st, and be consistent!” Well, I’m working on the whole consistency thing (I just keep forgetting about it!), but I have all of 13 days in 2012 completed so far. :)

What I love so much about this little book is that its basically like a Twitter journal. I cannot even tell you how many times I have resolved to journal everyday. Probably every year since like 2001. I have an absurd amount of journals that are empty, with the exception of the first 3-5 pages. I know, Internet. Just pathetic. My excuse at the end of the day was always, I’m too tired to write about my day! BUT I never seem to get too tired to tweet. I mean, it’s 140 characters. A zombie could handle that. With the One Line A Day journal, I have 5 lines to fill every night before going to bed. Five… That’s like 25-30 words! I can pretty much always handle that. Each page is divided into 5 sections for one date… You just fill in the year. I’m so excited to get to 2016 and be able to look back on 4 years, one day at a time. Also, just a bonus… It’s a super adorbs little book with the prettiest gold pages.

So #34 of 101 in 101? Checkkkkk! :)

Its Friday, Friday! :)

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