Pinspiration – ‘smore dip

So one thing I listed on my 101 in 101 was my goal to do two Pinterest inspired projects a week. I love Pinterest, so so so much. Its come to my attention that I’ve even developed a ‘Pinterest Daze’. Thanks to grand ‘ol technology, I usually get to see my handsome Aaron’s face every night via Skype. Let’s just say that I was way more focused on my poor fiance before I discovered Pinterest. Whoopsies! But here’s my thing: If you’re spending hours on Pinterest browsing, repinning, etc, and not actually doing anything, then that’s kinda pointless. I can only say this because I spend LOTS of my Pinterest time pointlessly… At least when I first got it. Recently, I’ve actually been trying a lot of the projects I’m finding. Self props. :)

My pretty little Pinterest…

One of the best things about Pinterest is the amount of recipes it has motivated me to try. You see, I suck at cooking. Like, I can ruin a batch of chocolate cookies faster than it takes for Rachel Ray to crack an egg. The day that Aaron, the one who can down an entire package of break-and-bakes in one sitting, refused my cookies only further affirmed what I’ve known for so long. BUT I am going to be a wifey soon, which means I need to step up my game… Me & the kitchen have been having frequent run-ins, and, much to my surprise, I’ve been coming out victorious. #BOOM. Yes, I did just hashtag in a blog post. Judge away. 

Here’s a super easy recipe for an AWESOME desert that I made a few weeks ago… Please excuse the crappy phone pictures. My sparkly new iPhone comes next week! :)

‘smore dip
Warning: This stuff is addicting, and I’m pretty sure it will make me fat. NOT wedding-diet approved. :)
Original recipe here

1 1/2 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup of marshmallow creme
1 box of graham cracker (or sticks… they’re better for dipping)

In microwavable bowl, microwave chocolate chips & condensed milk for 1 to 2 minutes, stirring occasionally, until chips are melted. Stir to mix well. Pour into 9-inch glass pie pan, spreading evenly.


and melted!

Drop marshmallow creme by spoonfuls randomly over chocolate mixture. Microwave on high about 30 seconds or until marshmallow creme is softened. Immediately  make several small swirls through marshmallow & chocolate, creating a marbled appearance. It looks really pretty! :)

Serve immediately with graham cracker/sticks for dipping!

Happy Thursday! :)



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