The Gaglianos | Fayetteville Family Photographer

Aaron & I have been so blessed to meet such amazing families through our church, and I love that so many of them have been turning into clients and friends! Perry works at our church with Aaron but on one of the other campuses, and Beth sings like an angel. Seriously! She sang ‘Oh Holy Night’ at our Christmas program, and I wanted to take her home and make her sing us to sleep every night. That sounds creepier written down than when I initially had the thought. It’s been awesome getting to know them since we moved to the great state of Arkansas. :)

Our shoot was the first time I’d spent more than a few seconds around their kids, Everett & Lyric. Now, I totally have to brag on them because they did amazing during the shoot, despite the fact that it was FREEZING… I think the temperature had dropped into the upper 20’s by the time we were done! We had to improvise a little and let Everett and Lyric warm up in their van between shots because they were shivering. Poor kids! And somehow, the result was still amazing. I had so much fun with the Gaglianos, and I would love for you to check out some of my favorites for our session…

This boy LOVES his momma!

So sweet!

Everett has quite the personality that had me cracking up the whole shoot!

Do they make these shoes in adult sizes? Cause I totally want to get some for Aaron.

One of my favorites!

Lyric is so beautiful and has the CRAZIEST eyes! Seriously, you’ll see in a couple of shots how pretty they are!
Also, I wanted to steal her dress & headband for myself… TOTALLY on brand for me!

AH! Love these next ones so much!

Seriously, people. Not an ounce of photoshop here, and her eyes are still bright as day. Perry, you’re going to be in trouble with her.

If these next ones don’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will.

Stop it. Ya’ll are adorable!

Beth, you are RIDICULOUS. I mean, really. You’re making all the other moms jealous.

I’m ending with my absolute favorite. This one is actually a contender for my favorite family shot ever. So much love and happiness… I can’t help but smile. :)

Happy Thursday! Yay for it almost being the weekend!

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