things i loveeee.

1. Naming Everything I Own – So this isn’t really a “thing”, but I really love to name my stuff. Examples… Penny the iPod, Cammie the Camry (real creative, Kelsey), Leonardo the Canon, MacKenzie the Macbook Pro (MACKenzie the MAC… Get it?? Get it???), Halpert the Droid,  etc, etc… You should do it. It’s super fun.

2. Google Calendar – The only reason there is even the slightest bit of organization in my life.
3. Thrift Store Shopping – It’s like an adventure… You have to find the coolest stuff for the cheapest prices. I got four mason jars for $2 last week. Major score.

4. Andrew Ripp’s “She Remains the Same” – If you’re looking for the perfect album for fall, this is it. I promise that you will LOVE it. (But if you don’t please don’t blame me… Blame yourself and your terrible taste in music.) Andrew has some mad songwriting skills… His lyrics are meaningful, witty and so relatable. My favorite tracks are “Growing Old Too Young”, “Savior”, “Star”, “Forever After Love” and “You Will Find Me” (co-written with Ben Rector and Steve Moakler). Just do yourself a little fall favor, and buy it! Ps… The album was produced by Dave Barnes, which obviously just intensifies my love for it. (Ya’ll know how I feel about Dave… Only 19 days until we’re reunited!!!)

Happy Tuesday, Internet! :)

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