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Brides. (Or anyone that thinks they might get married one day.) If you normally skip over my “Wedding Wednesday” posts, please make today an exception and read this!!! A clearly planned and thought out wedding day timeline can make the difference between a stressful, confusing wedding day and one that flows easily without any confusion. Wedding day timelines are not only helpful for the bride and groom, but they are also incredibly helpful for families, bridal party, and especially your vendors! There are so many pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together on your wedding day, so everyone being on the same page is really PRICELESS.

I wanted to share a glimpse of our wedding day timeline with y’all… It may look a little OCD, but having a plan for every minute really made our day flow beautifully. No, all of our vendors didn’t need this much detail in order to serve us, but it’s always better to give MORE information than needed than not enough. I also chose to combine our list of desired photos into our timeline so that all the information would be in one place.

Tips for creating the perfect timeline:

-Allow for more time than you think you’ll need! It’s almost impossible to be on schedule to the minute, so allowing some cushion time is a GREAT idea.
-Communicate your needs with your vendors 2-3 weeks in advance. No one wants to be making a phone call the day before their wedding to make sure their bouquet is going to arrive at the correct time.
-Share your timeline with your family (immediate & extended), so they know when and where they need to be for pictures.
-Use first names of people on your timeline. This will be especially helpful for your photographer, who won’t know who “Mimi” or “Uncle J” is. :)
-If you have a coordinator, make sure to review your initial timeline with her… She might have a few suggestions to make that are specific to your venue.
-Make sure that your ceremony and reception sites are set up a few hours before so that your photographer can photograph everything while it’s still untouched.

I really could go on and on about timelines, but no two are exactly the same. Just make sure you spend time thoughtfully planning it out your day to ensure it goes flawlessly. And of course, there WILL be hiccups in your plan, but those are what make the day the most memorable. :)

And a side note… I seriously loved my dress. Those ruffles?? Swoon. :)

photo by Julie Cate

Happy Wednesday!

  • April 24, 2014 - 1:43 pm

    Lisa Escobedo - I came across your timeline and it looks amazing, although difficult to read. Would you mind emailing me a copy?ReplyCancel

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