Weekend Round-Up

1. Our weekend started with a bit of craziness when our smoke detector battery died at 3am. Yeah… Very loud, obnoxious beeping every 10 seconds until 9am makes for a rough night of sleep. And it turns out, Noley is petrified of loud beeping, and she wouldn’t come out from under our bed for the whole 6 hours. When she finally did, she stayed wrapped up in her blanket in case the scary beeping started again… What a sissy. I don’t have especially high hopes that she’ll be able to protect us from an intruder one day.

2. The view from our coffee table. While peonies might be my favorite flower, carnations are a close second. I love their fluffiness and love even more that they can last up to 3+ weeks! That’s a win.

3 & 4. We had a visit this weekend from our friend, Gooz. Aaron was blessed to be in Gooz’s youth group growing up, and we both had him as a youth ministry professor when we were at Liberty. He was also one of the three (yes, three) pastors that officiated our wedding, so it was great to see him and have him visit Arkansas. Gooz spoke to the youth group yesterday morning about the glory of God and also to the parents about family ministry outside of the church. We’re so thankful that he was able to come!

5. Shot an awesome engagement session that I’m REALLY excited to share on Thursday!

6. Acted like a weirdo (big surprise there) with Aaron at church. Okay, I’m the weirdo… He just stood there.

Not pictured… Had an awesome girls night with my small group girls! We ate my favorite pizza for dinner (Sam’s Club! Don’t judge!), and we also painted canvases. I still haven’t finished mine because I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, but I promise to share when it’s done!

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