What I’m Listening To…

1. Matt Wertz, Weights & Wings – Wertzy is a part of the group I refer to as the “Nashville Boys”. He, along with others like Dave Barnes, Ben Rector, Andrew Ripp, etc, can always be counted on for some great music. ‘Weights & Wings’ was released the week of my spring break, and it was an absolutely PERFECT album to listen to while enjoying the FL sunshine. Some of my favorite tracks are ‘Don’t Come Easy’, ‘Feels So Right‘, and ‘Gonna Be Good’.

2. Train, Save Me, San Francisco – Much with Mr. Wertz, Train never disappoints. ‘Save Me, San Francisco’ has been one of my favorite albums since its release in 2009. GREAT driving with the windows down music.

3. Hanson, Shout It Out – Yes, internet. Hanson. As in, ‘MMMBop‘… My favorite song when I was eight years old. My word, that sentence made me feel old. Before you start judging me for openly loving Hanson, you NEED to listen to this album. I truly believe that there’s no way you can listen to it without getting the urge to break out in dance. Also, it is no secret that I love a piano player, and Taylor can play some MAD keys. Love. Love. Love. Okay… Maybe you think I’m crazy, but at least give their music video for Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ a shot. Flippin’ awesome. Well done, Hanson. Well done.

4. Sara Bareilles, Kaleidoscope Heart – Currently my go-to editing music. Sara, like Taylor, is also a mad-good piano player. Her lyrics never cease to make me laugh… Well thought-out, witty, and occasionally bitter. Her music video for ‘Uncharted‘ is awesome… It features Ben Folds, Jennifer Nettles, that weird YouTube kid, Adam Levine, Pharrell, and Josh Groban singing into a banana. Everytime I have to write the word ‘banana’, I think of Gwen Stefani’s ‘Hollaback Girl’. Haha. :)

5. Darius Rucker, Charleston, SC 1966 – I loved him in Hootie, and I’m pretty sure that he’s even greater as a country artist. ‘This‘ is quite possibly my favorite radio song these days.

Happy Weekend, Internet! :)

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