March Goals

I LOVE the month of March. So many great things come along with this month… Spring (yay!), celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!, Aaron turns 26, and I get a final month of relaxation before wedding season starts! Before I get into this month’s goals, let’t see how I did with February’s…. (Spoiler Alert: It’s kind of embarrassing.)

February’s BUSINESS goals:

1. Continue to blog every week day. I missed a few days here and there, but I was pleased with how consistent I blogged in February.
2. Sell my 24-70mm 2.8L in order to buy the 35mm 1.4L. Uhhh… I didn’t even list it. Whoopsies.
3. Get my office organized and actually USE it!  I’m giving myself half a point for this.
4. Finalize my bride & groom welcome packet! Still working on this one too.

February’s PERSONAL goals:

1. Go to the gym 4x’s a week. Again, missed a few days, but I did A LOT better than someone that I may or may not live with… Not naming names.
2. Throw away crap I don’t need. NO MORE HOARDING. Oh my word, my hoarding was even worse than I thought! 
3. Plan dinners a week ahead of time, so I’m not scrambling at the last minute. This one did not go well at all. Ha! Has anyone found a cute printable that I could use for this?
4. Sew a couple of pillow covers for our bed. No comment. 
5. Re-read The Pursuit of God by AW Tozer. Didn’t even get it off the shelf. 

Okay, so there’s definitely A LOT of room for improvement this month. Hello, understatement of my life. This month, I really hope to be a little more disciplined and productive and finish this month what I failed to finish last month. For March:


1. Sell my 24-70 2.8L. For real this time.
2. Sell my old Macbook Pro, since I upgraded in November. Why do these things take me so long?!
RELAX. I know that’s probably not considered a “goal”, but if I find time to rest this month, it will greatly benefit me when April gets CRAZY.
4. Continue to blog consistently. I’m actually going to be taking a little blog-vacation next week, but that’s acceptable if it’s planned, right?? :)
5. Finalize (again) my bride & groom welcome packet.
6. Purchase Quickbooks. I need a little help & organization to better keep track of my finances.


1. Go to the gym 4x’s a week.
2. Re-read Tozer’s The Pursuit of God.
3. Finish getting together Aaron’s anniversary and birthday presents.
4. Survive an entire WEEK without Aaron while he is in New Orleans on a missions trip during spring break. I’m already dreading it. :(
5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. I’d like to try juicing cause that’s what all the cool kids are doing, but I don’t want to spend any money… I’ll just stick to really sweet smoothies that probably aren’t all that healthy. :)

I just looked for a picture to add to this post for about 30 minutes and came up with this, only because it’s Throwback Thursday.
My beginning as a photographer…

Also, isn’t that vest the most rad thing you’ve ever seen in your life?
I guess this means I should also add “take more personal pictures” to my goals.

Happy Thursday! :)

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