Weight: 20lbs at 6 months and 22lbs at 7 months!

Height: 27.5 inches at 6 and 7 months. We don’t know how accurate this is because it’s pretty hard to measure ourselves.

I can’t even believe the difference between 6 and 7 months!



Sleep: He has been sleeping from about 7:30pm to 7:30-8am. Hallelujah hands.


Eating: He still drinks a 6oz bottle every 4 hours. He also loves puffs and baby food. His favorite is fruit, and I can’t blame him!


Diapers: We’ve been in size 4′s since 6 months.

Clothing: I really can’t even believe it, but he fits most comfortably in 12-18month clothes. There are still A LOT of 6-12 pieces that I am squeezing him into because we haven’t gotten enough wear out of them.

Mood: Seriously, SUCH a happy baby. He loves life and still only gets cranky when he is tired.



-Noley is still his favorite. I’m trying not to be bitter.
-UT’s fight song, “Rocky Top”, gets the boy SO excited.
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’s theme song sucks him in every time.
-Baby Einstein Activity Jumper. I’m not going to lie, he spends most of his awake time in it cause he loves it so much. The kid doesn’t just jump… He ROCKETS. Like, it’s violent. Haha. As proof of this, he straight up broke the jumper in our church nursery on Wednesday night. So hilarious.
-Daddy is still his favorite parent. Again with trying not to be bitter.
-Taking selfies. This is probably just a testament of how our world is going down the drain, but he lights up when that front-facing camera whips around. Haha.
-Remote controls. He LOVES playing with all of the buttons.


Doesn’t Love:

-Being tired. That’s about it. Haha.

What I Want to Remember:

-Gosh, his cheeks. Part of me hopes they never go away, but I know that would probably be the source of some serious bullying in the future.
-This face, I die every time:

-Visting our friends the Lamontes in Tyler, TX. We were supposed to go to a Braves/Rangers game, but it ended up being bad weather. :( We still had a great time though!
-He’s started making this roaring noise (mainly at Noley), and it’s hysterical.
-Uncle Matthew & Aunt Jourdan’s wedding in Asheville, NC. We had a great trip celebrating their marriage and visiting with Aaron’s family.
-Dressing him up as Harry Potter for Halloween. As pathetic as it might sound, I’ve been dreaming about this day since we found out it was a boy. When I would talk about it, Aaron would just laugh at me and roll his eyes, but when it all came together, he finally admitted how awesome it was. I need to enter these pictures in a contest or something.

-Our trip to Florida last week. Aaron and I spent 2 days with my family and then went on a cruise to the Bahamas while Archer stayed behind. He did great with them, and so did I! Haha.
-His crystal blue eyes. People keep telling me they could still change. I selfishly hope they don’t cause they are just too beautiful.
-How Noley puts her paws up on his crib and peers over the edge when he wakes up in the morning or from a nap. He gets SO excited to see her every time. It really is so sweet.


Looking Forward To:

-Being home! This will be the first month since Archer has been born where we haven’t traveled or had visitors staying with us (or both)! Of course we love visiting people and having visitors, but it has made these last 7 months FLY by. I’m ready for time to slow down a little bit.
-The holidays! Although it doesn’t feel like Starbucks should already have their red cups out, I am so excited that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

We love you, sweet Archer boy. :)



Weight: Our little tank is 18lbs 4oz. How are my biceps not huge?!

Height: 27.5 inches! It’s crazy to me that he grew 2.5 inches in one month!


Sleep: He goes to sleep a little earlier now, around 8pm. Most mornings, he’ll sleep til about 7am. We are definitely okay with this. :)

Eating: Towards the end of month four, I decided to wean him, so he’s taking formula with rice cereal added. Thankfully, it hasn’t been a hard transition, which I can probably attribute to him taking formula since the beginning. We also started him on some veggies… I know it was a little early, but with how quickly he’s blown up, I just felt like he needed more. We’ve tried peas, squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans so far. He likes everything, but I think sweet potatoes are his favorite… He will just scarf them down.

This is “jinglebug” that he loves so much.


Diapers: We’ve moved to 3′s!

Clothing: There are a few 3-6 pieces he can fit in, but he’s mainly in 6-9 now!


Mood: He loves to laugh, seems to be discovering everything, and is only cranky when he’s tired.

I melt.



-Noley. Seriously, pretty sure he loves our dog quite a bit more than she loves either Aaron or I.
-His activity center. He’s just realizing that he can bounce up and down in it, and he loves playing with all the toys attached to it.
-Sweet potatoes. It’s crazy how fast that boy can down a container of them!
-Grabbing his feet.
-Grabbing our faces when we give him kisses. This one is mainly cute, but it’s also a whole lot of painful. The kid has a crazy grip!
-Kicking in the bath. Bath time is so hilarious because he doesn’t ever smile or talk, but his eyes bug out while he kicks his feet like a crazy person.
-Falling asleep while being held. This is a total flip from last month, and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the extra cuddles, but I REALLY loved when I used to be able to lay him down awake and he would fall asleep on his own.


Doesn’t Love:

-Noley’s barking. This is probably his least favorite thing of all time. It scares the sweet potatoes straight out of him. Ha.
-Being hot. He’s still a diva about this one.
-Getting his face wiped off after finishing his food. You would think we have the washcloth soaked in acid by the way he responds… It’s a little dramatic.


His chunkiness is just the best… And makes me laugh when it looks a little like baby cleavage. Hahaha.


What I Want to Remember:

-The way he bends his legs and puts the bottoms of his feet together like a little frog. :)
-How he hold his arms up by his head (think “touchdown!”) and turns his head to the right when he’s sleeping.
-His adorable “talking” when he first wakes up in the morning or after nap time.
-He started doing this deep, man-voice, fake laugh the other day. It’s pretty hysterical.


Looking Forward To:

-My mom coming next weekend. She hasn’t seen him since June, and he’s basically blown up since then!
-Going to visit some of our favorite friends, the Lamontes, at the beginning of September in Tyler, TX.

Those eyes though.


We love you, Archer!

Gosh, I am absolutely the worst at these monthly updates. As evidenced by the fact that I missed 3 months, and now that I’m posting 4 months, he’s about to turn 5 months! Dang.

Three Months


Four Months


Let’s see those again, side by side.
Please excuse me while I go cry a whole lot of ugly tears…


Weight: Just barely under 16lbs at his 4 month check up

Height: 25 inches even!


Sleep: For the most part, he is a GREAT sleeper. He usually has his last feeding around 9pm, goes straight to sleep, and sleeps until 6:45-7am. Ha-lle-lu-lu! For all of you new moms who feel like you’re about to die from sleep deprivation, it gets better!


Eating: Archer eats about 6-8oz per feeding. He’s still nursing and then taking a bottle immediately afterwards. We just started adding rice cereal to his bottles throughout the day.

Clearly, he is doing okay in the eating department.


Diapers: He fits quite perfectly in 2′s.

Clothing: We’re exclusively wearing 3-6mo these days, but I can tell we’ll be out of them much sooner than 3 months!

Maybe my favorite picture of all time.


Mood: Just so sweet, chill, and fun!


-Obnoxious noises repeated over and over and over until he breaks into a fit of giggles. :)
-Snuggling with Brown Bear while falling asleep. It’s pretty flippin’ adorable.
-Laying on his changing table and staring at the wooden animals on the shelf above him.
-Jingle bug!
-Marcel the Monkey. Yes, we named one of our child’s toys after Friends. No one should be surprised about this.
-Morning! It’s still his favorite time of day.
-Watching Noley.
-Bath time! YAY! It took a long time to get here, but he finally loves it!
-Reading from his Jesus Storybook Bible before bedtime.

This is Marcel. They are best buds.


Doesn’t Love:

-Tummy time. We still get our daily dose of it, but it is certainly not his favorite position.
-Being hot. He’s very sensitive to temperatures, and homeboy will scream bloody murder when he’s too toasty.
-When his bottle isn’t the perfect temperature. He will seriously choke, cry, and act like we’re trying to feed him toxic sludge if it isn’t the right temperature. Silly boy.


What I Want to Remember:

-Our trip to Florida! Introducing him to my grandparents and so many dear friends was such a sweet time. Also, he took his first swims in the pool and loved his floatie! However, he did not love the beach. See above about his aversion to heat.
-Taking him to Fireworks at the Crosses, our church’s annual 4th of July celebration, and watching his sweet face sleep through the incredibly loud fireworks show.

Looking Forward To:

-Being home for the next 5 weeks! We’ve been traveling like a family of nomads, and I am so excited to get back into our routine for a while.


We love you, Archer!