Prepare your eyes for one of the most adorable families you’ll ever see. The Ligons are sweet,┬ásouthern, and have a love for the Hogs that can’t be paralleled┬á(go Noles/Vols). Wyatt and Ada Lee were MELTING me during our session. They are the epitome of #siblinggoals. Haha! Let me know your favorite(s)!

Jana sure does know how to style her family.


I mean, seriously. I can’t handle it!


Wyatt! Oh my lands, this kid is cute.


This is probably my all-time favorite children’s portrait that I’ve taken.


All the heart eyes!


Another favorite!


Happy Monday!

Boots, sweaters, blanket scarves, and vests… The perfect session to blog when the high today is 97!┬áI guess that’s┬áwhat happens when I accidentally┬átake a blogging hiatus for 10 months. Whoopsies.

I don’t do extended family sessions very often because they can be a little rushed and crazy, but these are some of my favorite people on the planet… I couldn’t say no. :) I’ve been taking the Francis’ family pictures for 4 years, the Shumards’ for 2 years, so we decided that it was time to invite Gigi and Big Daddy (most hilarious and awesome grandpa┬áname ever) to join in on the fun!

Our original session date ended up being pretty dreary, so we rescheduled in hopes of some sun. Thank goodness the light was amazing, or they all probably would have killed me for making them wake up for a 7am session. (Insert giant-eyed emojis here.) It was definitely worth it! Enjoy my favorites…

We started with the Shumards. You might remember them from one of my favorite maternity sessions.


Elliot was making me work for it, but I can’t blame her… it was 7am and temps were in the 40’s. I think I won though. :)



That moment when you realize a 2 year old has better style than you….


My favorite of sweet Elliot!


The Francis’ were some of our best friends when we lived in Arkansas, and I don’t know why I decided to blog these pictures because now I am so sad and need cookie cake.


Jillian and Brody are two of the most hilarious kids you’ll meet. They make me so excited for what life with Archer and Eden will be like one day.


Grandpa Brody… Such an old soul. He can frequently be found playing basketball while wearing his bath robe.


Jillian is sassy, hilarious, and FULL of personality. Wait for it…


Yep, there it is.


All the heart eyes.


The Joneses! (At least that’s what I’m calling them for the simplicity’s sake.)


Phil and Janis are some of the most loving, generous, and fun grandparents I’ve ever known!


These cousins don’t even realize how lucky they are to be able to grow up together.


The OJs. (Like the Original Gangsters, except it’s really the Original Joneses.)



I love that even in their season of grandparenting, you can still tell that Phil & Janis are so in love.


Happy weekend! :)